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Intuitive Antennas

Tapping into the universal energy field is something we all do. Some call it Intuition. Others may say you are having a psychic experience. Truth is, thoughts and actions are all vibrational frequencies, so like a radio dial we can tune into them with our internal antennas. Below is a video about this Human Antenna, I think you will like!

The question may be why can some do it better than others and why does it not happen all the time?

Well being highly intuitive myself, I can tell you there are times we have to turn it off. For one thing, if we were receiving messages all the time, a human would go mad! You cannot possibly take in all that information on a conscious level,. However on a subconscious level we are absorbing tons of information. According to research by Dr. Bruce Lipton, The subconscious mind can process 20 000 000 bits of info per second or 50,000 times more than the conscious. So that being said, you know things, you don’t know you know!!

How do you get to that space or place where you KNOW things? Meditation is the first step and this takes practice and often training. When I do a reading or a healing session, I have to get prepared. Sometimes I will sit in meditation for 20 minutes prior, on other occasions I can jump right into it. It all depends on what I have been doing. If I have spent much of my day in a serene environment, I can hop on that psychic bus quickly. If I had a day bombarded with technology, noise, busyness, then it takes more time.

Your inner vibration has to be a match to the outer vibrations so you may tap into the information. Because the outer wave lengths of the world are unseen by the human eye, it means they are of a higher frequency. We have to slow down our brain waves to a more peaceful state in order to “tune in” to that frequency. We call this the Theta state of the mind.

Besides being an Integrated Energy Therapist, I am also a certified Theta Healer and that is precisely what we do. With enter into Theta. This is where we can then “read or interpret” the energy frequencies we are picking up. It is quite fascinating when you begin to do this with ease! I have to admit, at first I was stunned. Today’s religions and schools do not teach this, and without getting into the whys, I can say, it is a shame!

Now you might not want to have people reading your thoughts, but I can tell you it rarely works that way. As I stated above, an intuitive doesn’t want to be bombarded with people’s thoughts all the time. They have to shut it down in order to get on with their lives. Also, anyone who is exceptionally intuitive knows that it is unethical to do so.

Each and every healing course I have taken, and text I have read always states, you need the person’s permission to step into their minds (and bodies, since vibrational frequencies go beyond the cells) Now not everyone is ethical, so I suggest you go with caution if you ever seek the advice of a healer or intuitive. I can attest to you, some do not follow these rules and have absolutely no right to be doing this work!

Want to find a good practitioner? Quite your mind and ask yourself is this person right for me. The answer will come, either in a quiet voice, a feeling in your gut or a simple “knowing”. Good luck with your journey and I hope to one day work with you, so you may UNLEASH YOUR SOUL-ABILITY

Dotty Thea Williams

9931 691 3421

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