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False Evidence Appearing Real

F.E.A.R. Ever since college, I have wanted to be a forever student. I may have been one of the few people who actually enjoyed doing term papers. One of my favorite reports was on the life of Charles Lindbergh. If you do not know who he is, look it up. You may learn something! I don't watch many movies and when I do I truly enjoy a good documentary. I rarely read fiction, but give me an interesting non-fiction and I won't put it down until I am done.Which by the way I just finished The Magic of Findhorn. READ IT. I will be posting about it soon. So I just wrapped up watching 4 tutorial videos about marketing. As I am sure you know, the age of marketing has transformed. Old school networking and martini lunches don't cut it anymore in most businesses today. I will admit I partake in on line webinars and educational videos on occasion. Unfortunately, there are some out there that are a complete waste of time, but how do you know until you try?. Now I am a pro. I skip the first 15 minutes because it is always about how great they are.(I will decide that) Much of the real "content" comes after the 20 minute mark and that generallyonly lasts about 15-20 minutes, Next is 15 minutes of trying to sell an overpriced service. Which by the way is another pathetic marketing ploy. OVER PRICE IT, so people think it is a highly valuable item. I do believe you get what you pay for in many cases, but I can assure you, many of these people aren't giving you anything you can not find in a $39.00 book or weekend training. However, there are times when I find a rocking one and the free information is priceless. But see that is the marketing secret, give people what they really want and need and they will like you. And of course, be sincere about it. I believe I am sincere as i truly want people to know the power of self healing. Herbs, oils, foods, energy therapies etc do not heal. They just facilitate the body to do what it is designed to do. The trick is finding what works for YOU. So what the heck does any of this have to do with fear? Nothing. HA, HA. Just kidding! Fear is mentioned so many times in what I study. Apparently, it is the #1 reason why folks get stuck. Fear stifles people. It paralyzes their hopes, dreams and aspirations. Ironically, the narrator of tonight's presentation not only mentioned fear, but he told of a horrific story of being kidnapped in Morocco. He was alone in a room with his captor outside in the hall with a rifle. He remembered the words of his mother who once said,"Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real." He decided he was going to escape. How surprised he was to find the door unlocked and the "man" with the gun was merely a young teenager napping. No kidding when i tell you, he simply walked out. His captors were banking on him being afraid and at first he was, until he realized his fear was falsely generated. His captors weren't highly organized mobsters, they were a bunch of kids trying to get money from a frightened foreigner. Was he in danger? Sure, but danger and fear are not the same thing. Danger is real, Fear is a choice. So I ask you today, what is your fear? What is really holding you back? Believe it or not fear of success is often an unconscious reason. If you succeed, then you will have more responsibilities, obligations and commitments. Maybe you will lose friends,your marriage and relationships will change. YOU WILL CHANGE! The first time I had heard the expression False Evidence Appearing Real was during my Integrated Energy Training. As you know from previous emails and classes, Integrated Energy Therapy works primarily on trapped negative emotions. Fear is held in the kidneys and the solar plexus. Working on this area with my clients has been pretty powerful, It is fantastic to see my clients get up from the table with a sense of relief. They feel calm yet ready to take on a challenge so to speak. Their confidence soars and things begin to happen. Now there are no guarantees and every person is different but as an Emotional Release Practitioner I would love to help you uncover your fears. Together we can unlock the subconscious. When you experience trauma it can put your mind in shock and your actions on hold. How glorious it would be to unleash that fear. In the meantime, I would like to suggest a kidney cleansing every 3-6 montths to assist in your emotional clearing. Drinking lots of lemon water with some pink salt and a dash of cayenne pepper in the morning, is a wonderful way to flush out what has accumulated in your sleep. I will be sending out an email in a few days on some simple solutions and ideas for kidney detox and health. So keep an eye out for that. Not every trick of the trade will help every individual. You are a unique being, with your own set of dynamics and "stuff" We often have to play around with our options to see what works for us. Just like I had to listen to a bunch of crappy webinars to find the good ones. I hope one day, I can be the person that is right for you. If not I would be more than happy in assisting you in finding that person. or that herb or that oil. (You know I am digging the essential oils) It sincerely is all about educating and working together to make this planet a better place. Hey,I got to live here too!! HUGS

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