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Activate Your Inner Eye

Hopefully you’ve already read my last (and first) article. You still can, which of course you should, simply by clicking on this pretty little link. Then come back and read some more because you are going to want to know how to activate your inner eye.

You may still be asking, why would I want to have this exhilarating experience? Well, I say, “who wouldn’t want to know how to access higher realms in order to get answers and insights to tough questions?”

As an energy therapist and quantum magician, I use my pineal gland (third eye) often. When activated it is like having a key to secret files. See, ALL information is stored in the ether. Every thought, and word spoken creates an energy imprint that floats around the quantum field. Think of it like a TV station. When you are on the right channel you get to watch what you are looking for. Since the pineal gland has receptors and cones much like your other 2 eyes, pictures appear in your mind’s eye! It is operating while you are dreaming, or using your imagination. However, you can learn how to access it on demand and at optimal levels, increasing your intuition.

One who receives messages via images is said to be clairvoyant, which means clear vision. We all have the ability to see beyond the norm, since we all have a third eye- pineal gland!

No matter what your line of work or lifestyle you can use your inner eye to guide you. For example, in my business, when working with clients, I ask for messages from Universal Intelligence that can assist me in the healing process. One of the ways I receive information is by being shown a picture. This picture is either very clearly understood by me or I may ask my client to interpret.

When working with a particular client who had a lot of physical pain, I kept seeing a wedding taking place. When I mentioned it to him, he said he had a fight with his sister a few months ago at a wedding. It made perfect sense. I was seeing this image when I was working on his spleen. The spleen holds resentment. The spleen is also on the side of the body which is the feminine. By seeing this image I was able to communicate with him better and get an understanding of what was causing a heaviness. It then became a cooperative process in removing the emotion that was creating stagnation. With wisdom comes ease. (I believe all illness and distress are due to toxicities. Emotions can become extremely toxic if not addressed properly.)

Now you may not be a therapist who works with clients, but wouldn’t you want to have access to information about other things like:

Which job is best for me?

Where should I move to?

How can I creatively finish this project?

Where’s MY KEYS! Open your third eye and the location will come to you in an instant- no joke!

A well balanced pineal gland will bring in all sorts of intuitive ideas, answers and clarity.

So now it is time to fill you in on simple activation techniques.

1. Sun gazing. Yep, the sun is fabulous for activating the pineal gland. The best time to do this is during sunrise and sunset when the UV rays are not high. You should start with 15 minutes, then work your way up to longer periods.

When the sun is strong and I need my Vitamin D, l sit in the sun with my eyes closed, but I imagine it activating the pineal gland, smack dab in the middle of my forehead. The sun’s rays will be absorbed through your skin as well, so if looking at the sun with eyes open is uncomfortable for you, try doing it this way.

If you read The Pineal Gland: Doorway to Higher Consciousness, you know that the pineal gland is responsible for your sleep patterns. It aids in the regulation of your circadian rhythm. Just think about how you feel after a day in the sun. You are generally tired and ready for an early bedtime. right? This is because your body is trying to adjust. It has had its fill of daylight and your melatonin has increased, so now it is time for bed. See we aren’t supposed to stay up much later than sunset, but the invention of the light bulb changed all that for humans. Now add blue light from computer screens and our pineal gland is all confused. It thinks it is daytime and is ready to “go”. This is why you can’t sleep after a late night of screen watching. Getting a good amount of sun during the day, will help you sleep better and we all know a good night’s sleep is crucial to obtaining maximum health.

Ignore those who say the sun is bad. It isn’t. Skin cancer is actually due to fat absorption, not the sun and sun block contain carcinogenic ingredients, so ditch them. For centuries, humans got their Vitamin D and golden glow from farming, gardening, walking, bike riding, swimming etc. Melanomas were rare. No one actually laid in the sun for hours. We no longer live by the cycles of nature or in nature and our poor health shows it.

A good night’s sleep will help regulate and open the third eye and Visa versa. This will increase the occurrence of vivid dreams filled with symbols, insights and answers. Many of the best musicians and artists claim their creations came from their dreams. I myself have been visited by Divine beings in my sleep that assist me in better understanding this thing called LIFE.

2. Feed Your Gland. Since the third eye is said to have an energy aura of indigo blue, a smart way to activate it would be with foods that match its color frequency. So think of dark blue foods or foods that come in purple varieties, kale, carrots, eggplant, plums, and of course the juicy grape. Be sure to add more of these high vibe foods into your diet.

Don’t discount nourishing beverages. A perfect drink would be a smoothie made with rich blue and purple tone produce. Also an herbal tea made with Blue Lotus flower. For centuries, Blue Lotus has been respected as a flower to induce deep meditative states. It enhances the pineal gland’s function and stimulates dreaming. Drinking Blue Lotus Tea is euphoric, as it relaxes the nervous system , allowing you to reach higher realms of knowing.

You can purchase it here.

3. Anointing Your Third Eye (Brow chakra) Essential Oils are superb in aromatherapy, but an anointing oil is ideal for sacred ceremony. The act of rubbing the oil, increases its frequency. You are joining the forces of your hand chakras with the quintessential properties of the plants. Using your palms to apply is prime. Also adding prayer to the process will transcend the experience. Don’t just dab on and run. Make it a spiritual practice or add it to an existing one.

The Brow Anointing Oil from the Shaman’s market is a blend of abundant herbs that expand clairvoyance and stimulates dream communications. Check out this list:

Clary Sage: clarity and vision, helps one see the truth.

Juniper: clairvoyance, assessing dream information. Lemongrass: cleanses the negative energy from the third eye

Peppermint: stimulates dream time.

Rosemary: connects with higher levels of spiritual truth

This oil is a sure hit and now you can get it in the palm of your hands and on the brow of your head in a matter of days if you are in the states. I highly recommend it from the Shaman’s Market Brow Anointing Oil.

Is this a possible solution for YOU?

You tell me. Would you like to free up your time by having your nagging questions answered with ease? Would you like information to come out of the heavens, making you look like a genius? My intuition tells me,


In my next article I will introduce you to more incredible tools to open and activate your powerful inner receptor. But for now I think you have a good starting point. Get some sun, a good night’s sleep and nourish your pineal gland with high vibe foods,herbs and oils.


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