Van Halen and Universal Intelligence

n my last publication, I wrote about the incredible affects music has on the pineal gland. For instance, notes in the key of A will activate the third eye as well as tones in 936 hertz and higher.

I summarized that listening to music will then stimulate your creativity, and increase your intuition. Also, hormones released during singing are responsible for generating feelings of intimacy. Bonds are formed between those who belt out tunes together.

This is why having some beers with your buddies while spinning your favorite albums brings you closer. Or maybe it is bourbon and ITunes, but you get the idea. Since we know bar brawls are brought on by alcohol and testosterone, we can assume it is the melodies that unite us.

For the ladies, maybe you are crying in your Merlot listening to Adele’s, Rolling in the Deep. She gets you and now you are her number one fan.

What connects us is the familiarity of the emotions behind the lyrics, the pounding of the drums that align with the beat of our hearts, the vibration of the riffs that ripple through our veins. — We are now ONE with the music and its composer.

If music is a universal language, then who are the ancestors of the dialect? Who inspires the composition?

According to Oxford Languages, the word Inspire is a combination of in- ‘into’ + spirare -‘breathe’. The word was originally used to indicate a divine or supernatural being offering a truth or an idea to a human.

In my translation- Inspire means IN SPIRIT.

The word music comes from the Greek word mousike which means of the Muses.

In Greek Mythology, The Nine Muses are daughters of Zeus.

· Calliope — the muse of epic poetry.

· Clio — the muse of history.

· Erato — the muse of love poetry.

· Euterpe — the muse of music.

· Melpomene- the muse of tragedy.

· Polyhymnia — the muse of sacred poetry.

· Terpsichore- the muse of dance.

· Thalia — the muse of comedy.

They were considered the architects of music, language and so on. Therefore it only made sense that all the ancient writers would seek their assistance before beginning their projects. We even see Homer seek out the guidance of the Muses in the Iiliad and Odyssey.

Painters depicted The Muses as ethereal creatures each with their own gifts.

The word museum also comes from the word mousike. Why not ,since they are the goddesses of all art forms.

This brings me to my own inspiration for this article. The idea came to me while out driving. Van Halen was playing on the radio. I always admired their abilities as artists but wouldn’t consider myself a fan. I mean, fans have albums, CDs and downloads. I don’t, but I did recently buy a Mustang convertible.

Having the top- down in the Florida sun makes me want to crank the volume. And when Van Halen is blasting it makes me want to hit the gas a little harder. Especially during Panama!

Jump back, what’s that sound? Here she comes, full blast’n top down

I wonder, if cops understand that the speed limit laws do not apply when classic ROCK is playing, Sammy Hagar understood the need to speed with the ferocious, I Can’t Drive 55, after getting a ticket in NY.

Because we share a love for fast cars and screaming guitars, V.H. and I are now eternally shackled.