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Spiritual Journey??

Journeys, paths, travels...we all have them!

What exactly is a spiritual journey? I won't even pretend I know the answer, since the definition of spirit may just in fact differ for each of us. However, in my life I have had so many twists and turns and belief switches I would have to think, LIFE itself, is the spiritual journey. I have grown from a small girl petrified of the nuns,to a woman who finds wisdom in the trees. Does having buddha candles and meditating make me better, more enlightened? I would answer, NO. I would say enlightenment comes in many different colors, shades and sounds. The rosary beads, the Sacrament of Penance, the communion dress, the incense, the sage, the chakras, the kundalini, none of it really matters if you do not understand the significance of them and their powers! I absolutely love studying cultures and religions. The stories, ceremonies, beliefs etc, fascinate me. I find people to be wondrous, I do not think for one minute any of the above are foolish or useless. I believe they all serve a purpose, a DIVINE purpose. I believe they can be tools, stepping stones, pathways to true enlightenment. Some traditions are pure fun, some are historically profound, What matters is what you are experiencing inside and out. Do you have moments of doubt? Do you contemplate and wonder? Do you feel, really feel things emotionally in your gut;in your heart? l. Do you see,with your physical eye and your mind's eye (Pineal gland)? Are you experiencing sensations of innocence and freedom? Do you see the world and it's people as intriguing, and curious? These are the times when true awakening occurs, and they can occur anywhere at anytime. Whatever you decide to practice, please do it with joy. Please know that the spirit is the most beautiful thing in the world. Your soul is a creation of heaven, star dust, soil and love. And on the spiritual journey we may walk, run, skip, shuffle, even rest but the best part is when we DANCE in the delight of it all. Blessings, Dotty Thea

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