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A Piece of My Life



 I will start my story with the picture above. This is me and one of my sons. He was diagnosed with autism at the age of 3. 

If you know anything about autism, you know it is a spectrum disorder. Many kids are mildly affected, others severe. I would say my son was closer to severe. However, with immediate action, I was able to find methods to reverse his label. 

It was evident he was not born this way. For 2 years, we had a beautiful, healthy baby boy who was developing perfectly! 

Then something went wrong. Something stole his soul in the night. 

In 2000, the Internet was still fairly young.  Facebook and social media didn't really exist yet.  I searched the libraries and bookstores and found one book on autism. It wasn't very promising. 


After a meeting with a so called "group of professionals", I was told, there is no cause and no cure and whatever you do, "stay off the internet". Apparently, the info was misleading. It was giving people hope that autism can be helped. 

So I had 2 choices. Listen to those guys who had no answers (or hope) or go on the wacky web and do my own thinking. I immediately purchased a $2,000.00 DELL. 


I hooked it up and typed in After all, it was a .com world and that was all I knew. 

Up popped, Dr. Rimland's site, The Autism Research Institute in California.

My life has never been the same!

After much reading, research and discovery, I was determined to not only reverse my son's diagnosis but to never stop teaching. I joined the Autism Autoimmunity Project and became an Advisor and Board member working with the best independent researchers and doctors on the planet. 

Meanwhile, we were seeing miracles in my son's progress.


I later started The E.C.H.O. Foundation which stood for Educating on Children's Health Options. After years of teaching, traveling, etc.,  I got burnt out. Parents with special needs children know that 80% of marriages in those families end in divorce and financial ruin. 

As my life was shifting, I kept my promise to never stop teaching, but I had more to learn first. 

Long story short, I discovered energy healing. It became my new passion. I am now an Integrated Energy Therapist with a degree in Metaphysical Science. I have certification in Theta Healing and Holistic Counseling and while the world was freaking out about covid, I took it as an opportunity to get certified and trained in  hypnotherapy.

So now I had all these tools under my belt, and although I knew each one worked, I wanted to find a way to combine them to get quicker results. The time is NOW, in case you haven't noticed  ashift the consciousness of this planet. 

I was guided to create Trinity Therapies- a process that combines the power of the heart, mind and body. 


More importantly,  what I want you to know, is that healing can happen. It is not just about our kids, it is about our own broken hearts and traumas. 

I believe life was meant to live in joy. Our Creator made us perfect, but as humans, we tend to mess it up. 

Maybe you believe in angels, or spirit guides, or our ancestors. There is no reason to give them names or titles. Truth is there is/are energies with elevated frequencies that are here to guide, help and support us. 

I call it/them a Higher Intelligence. Using the wisdom of this Source field builds the body's immune system and increases the human energy field to attract more of what the individual's soul needs. 

I discovered a decade ago,that when I lay my hands on people I can not only feel things, but I receive messages. Generally, they pertain to health issues or negative experiences that are creating stagnation in their energy fields. 

This is not new age woo woo. Traditional Chinese medicine has been working with the meridians for over 5,000 years. The ancient art of Ayurvedic medicine also works with auric fields and emotions.  You may have heard terms like chi or Prana. It all equates to the same thing. We are powerful beings inside and out.


I do not call myself a healer as I now know that true healing comes from within the individual. I consider myself a bridge. I connect YOU to your Higher Knowing and all those who wish to assist you. I am also a transmitter at times.  What this means is I  pick up on signals that the client's body is giving me. I also can transmit information from what I call guides.  Because I am clairaudient and clairvoyant, often names and images will come forward while I am working with a client. This information is used to address the issue that needs to be healed or transformed. 

And the MOST incredible part is it can also be done long distance. See we are all connected to the Quantum Field, where all information resides. 

Many of my clients come to me for personal growth. They want more in their lives because they innately know they are worthy of more. Abundance in all areas IS POSSIBLE. 

I often see relationships heal, businesses soar, pains disappear. Energy healing is beyond what we have ever been taught. 


It truly is fun to experience and see the reaction on their faces!! I LOVE what I do. 

I would love to hear from you about anything! If you have a story to share or advice I can offer, please feel free to contact me.


Together We CAN Heal. 


Dorothea Williams Scalco

Bachelors in Metaphysical Science from Sedona University

Holistic Health Practitioner

Master Instructor of Integrated Energy Therapy from

The Center of Being, New York 

Theta Healer, Stuart, Florida

Certified Hypnotherapist 

Essential Oil Consultant 










 Where does a story begin and where does it end? 

 Truth is there is no beginning or end. Our lives are cicular, never ending.  

 Our spirits never die but hopefully they evolve. 

 That is my wish for this planet, while I am here. I want to be the best I can  be  and give others the same opportunity.

Image by Tim Marshall
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