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Heartlinked Healing Therapy® (H.H.T.®) is a one-of-a-kind modality that combines quantum healing with hypnotherapy. It works with the inner powers of the self to heal past traumas, that may be holding you back from your true self. 


Developed by Thea Williams Scalco it combines her training in Integrated Energy Therapy, Theta Healing and Hypnotherapy. 


Thea took her skills and wisdom to create her own unique method of tapping into the subconscious, superconscious and cellular memory of her clients. 

 H.H.T supports you in safely and gently releasing limiting energy patterns and beliefs. It then recharges you as it realigns the 12 strand DNA sequence and replaces the empty spaces of your energy field with new vitality. 

The first step is to make a commitment. H.H.T. is a collaboration. Thea works with her intuition and guides and joins efforts with your Higher Self. 

These sessions can be done in person or remotely. All information is stored in the quantum field and can be retrieved. Your subconscious as well as your cells hold all the memories of your lifetimes, including your ancestors. 


Your superconscious holds on to the memories of your soul. It knows why you are here and has all the details on how to move forward to succeed. 

Trauma is very dense energy and often held in the body as well as the energetic layers of a client.  These can be stored in particular meridians or organs.  For instance, anger is stored in the liver and stress is stored in the adrenals. Emotions like guilt are trapped in the crown and shame is held in the throat. 

These blockages create a sluggish or stagnant movement that can easily be seen or felt by a trained practitioner.  Without the proper flow of chi our lives can feel unfulfilled. We feel stuck, empty, lifeless at times. 

This is not who we truly are. We are miraculous beings, worthy of all we desire. 

Your commitment begins by filling out an intake form. If you prefer a quick phone consultation first, that is fine, but an intake form will be required before a session begins. 

Your first session will include a pre-talk as Thea and you discuss the issues you would like to address and her insights as to what she is picking up on. (Warning after a full session you will discover, your concerns go deeper than what the initial intention of your session was)  

Thea will do an intuitive scan of your body which some may call remote viewing. This can be done with a photo for a long-distance session or at the beginning of an in-person session. The photo is sent the day of the appointment and will be reviewed before you meet on Zoom. 


Next Thea will be using hypnosis to completely relax you bringing the conscious mind to a restful, peaceful bliss while your subconscious moves to the forefront.  This is completely safe and unintrusive. You are always in control and will not reveal anything your spirit does not think you can handle.  At any moment if this feels uncomfortable, you are always at will to stop.


 However, we want to assure you this is no different from being in a dreamlike state. In fact, your mind is in hypnosis many times throughout the day. These include meditation, daydreaming, watching TV, and even driving. 


And you are always in a hypnotic or Theta state just prior to fully waking in the morning and falling asleep at night. 


Thea will then walk/talk you through the system of disengaging stored, trapped emotions and traumas.

In person, she will be triggering energy centers, and meridian points to prepare the body to let it go. 

Remotely, this can be done through the quantum field, as she connects with your higher self, which is really doing all the healing.

When these stored traumas are released, there is a gentle process of restoring the tissues and energy centers that were previously congested.

Thea ends the session using tuning forks for an extra boost of vibrational elevation. 

Clients are left feeling lighter as it is clearly obvious the body is no longer carrying unnecessary baggage.

Sounds pretty awesome huh? 

Book your free 30-minute consultation now. No obligations, it is merely a call to see if you are a good fit.

Believe it or not, some people don't want to really heal. They have been stuck so long, they don't know who they would be without their problems. The unknown frightens them. 

But HHT is so gentle, so freeing, that your perception of life will shift. You will begin to see the possibilities and embrace the real you. 

If you do a zoom session, you will receive the recording. 

Next is a follow-up session. This is very important, although not required. It's all up to you what actions you want to take next. 

However, as a trained clinical therapist, it is Thea's obligation to make sure her clients are progressing well. 

The follow up is where you get to ask questions. Also, Thea can check in on your energy fields and see if there are any remedial treatments that may be suitable for you. This can be anything from nutritional protocols, lifestyle changes, or ongoing therapies.

Although multiple issues are resolved in one session, much of this healing maneuvers through layers. We eliminate the problem(s) that cause the most interference first. 

How do you know your soul is ready for transformation? 

Answer: Because you are reading this and it intrigues you. 

Any further questions?


What's next for you? 


Book a free consultation

 Email Thea or jump right in and book a session. 



What is Heartlinked Healing Therapy? 

Image by Aleksandra Sapozhnikova
"I have PTSD and I've been getting triggered many times every single day.  Thea's gentle process had me feeling better each day.
Over the last week, I am  feeling more like myself again"....Bruce B. 
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