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NEW...Sessions from your Couch


We have 4 energy fields. They are physical, emotional, mental and spiritual and reach out further than we know. For decades we have been able to photograph auras that extend up to 6 feet away from the body. Today's technology is widening our scope of what we can now see, hear and feel.  

Infrared technology can detect people with heat, large telescopes can see craters and clouds on planets. We can now experience stars being born with the Hubble scope.


Therefore, connecting to an energy field remotely is not surprising!


I would love to give you an opportunity to have a

Reading andTheta Healing session via Skype or phone

for only $75.00. 


So go ahead and let's get started.

Shoot me a phone call or email and we can schedule.

Hurry, this offer won't last. 

Talk soon, Thea.




"Indeed A beautiful experience. Thea meets  you both spiritually and energetically addressing what is most necessary for healing at the time.  She walked me through the process, so I could experience the healing. it was amazing. Imagine if Western medicine practiced this?"...Anne Diamond 

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