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All our "issues" are embedded in our
emotional memory, genetic coding
and habitual thinking. .. Thea  

Regression and Refresh 

Thea starts the process by simply relaxing you and allowing your active mind to take a back seat. She uses her hypnotherapy training to regress you into a "time frame" that is significant to a current situation you are wishing to alter.

After your subconscious or "unseen self" reveals what is preventing you from creating your desires, Thea will do a "refresh". This brings your memories back to a time prior to the event, before you became disrupted or affected by them. 


Hypnotherapy is the process by which you are relaxed into a theta brainwave. In Theta the brain waves slow down, but you are still awake. You are always in control during Theta, and will never be asked to do something you are not comfortable with. Think of it like a daydreaming state of mind, This occurs during meditation or simple activities like

watching TV, driving, washing dishes etc.

You are in Theta just prior to falling asleep and when you first wake up. You can say it is the time between being actively awake and being in a dreamland. In this state, you will find you have a deeper connection to your intuition and memory. Have you ever noticed that you can remember a dream as soon as you wake up but as the day goes on you forget it? it is because as your day progresses you have to think, focus and perform. Your Alpha state is now in charge! 

If you ever want to remember something, simply forget about it and watch it magically pop into your mind out of nowhere.. You have just activated your dormant memory, and this is why hypnotherapy is so powerful. 


Regression therapy is the process where your therapist will take you back through time. It can help you recall events in your life that may be significantly affecting your relationships, health or finances. 

We all experience a variety of events that are painful, or unpleasant. We can choose not to look back at those moments but unfortunately, they remain in our subconscious, the part of us that wants to keep us safe. These memories can often be easy to recall or they can be deeply hidden. Regression therapy will seek to find out what that memory is so we can address it. 


A refresh is then performed to treat the neural connections associated with that memory. A refresh is simply verbal suggestions to assist the emotion of the memory to be released. 

Your subconscious is very open to this idea during hypnosis. (Theta) Your true self is also very eager to return to its highest potential. Therefore, we can eliminate the part of you that wishes to keep you "safe" by also keeping you stuck!  The refresh will bring the brain back to wholeness, innocence- the place we are originally from. 

An example: During the regression, you recall sitting at the dinner table. Your mother is crying, she is upset because she worked all day to make a great meal, but your dad is not there again. He claims he is working late at the office to finish a project.  

She finally gets up and leaves the table. She goes into her room sobbing and shuts the door. You are now left alone, confused, and sad. 

This incident may not seem overly tragic to some, but depending on the individual that image may be converted into a code that signals, "hard-working men have bad marriages. This may lead you to not be in a relationship with a man who works a lot or resent men who seek to have a successful business.

If you are a man it may lead you to have poor work ethics or losing jobs often because you are afraid to commit to an employer. 

This brief moment in time is now playing a role in your love life and/or your finances. If these moments occurred often in your childhood, the "coding" is embedded even deeper. 

As I stated the subconscious wants to keep you safe. It does not want you to experience painful situations again, so it makes sure that you avoid them! 

The regression will locate the memory and the refresh will loosen up its grip on the individual.

Old neuro-pathways are released and new ones are created.  

The emotions of fear and uncertainty are soon diminished. Now one can safely return to self-love and self-confidence, completely altering their lives for the positive. 

It is pretty remarkable stuff. 

Please note not every client will have the same results in the same amount of time.

Instead of wasting months or years in therapy, Thea likes to get to the root quickly so you can return to your joyous life as soon as possible, however, each situation is different. 

You continue with the process until you are ready to stop. It may be 1-3 sessions or you may want a session every couple of months to refresh and renew! Like a tune-up for your engine or a new haircut! 

Healing ALWAYS occurs if you give the body, mind and soul what it needs. 

Remember, you were born in Divine Creation. Your blueprint is designed to create a wondrous life. 


Book a session! 

The initial session is $200.00.  This includes intake and a recording of the session.

Follow-up sessions are 100.00. It is highly suggested to have at least 1 follow-up. 


Regress and Refresh are done on Skype and generally take 1.5-2 hours. It is highly suggested you allow time after the session to regroup. You will need time to get back into the Alpha state. Think of it as taking a very long nap or having a deep massage. You don't just get up and run back into life, You need to take it slow, hydrate and ground yourself. 

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