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Understanding and Expanding Your Brillance

Week 1. Understanding Vibrational Frequencies. 

What are frequencies and how to raise them.

Week 2, The 7 Chakra System

What are they, how do I check them, how do they effect me?

week 3. Balancing the Chakras 

How to use foods, supplements and meditation to balance.

Week 4. Heart Chakra

The Heart's magnetic field is 1000's x stronger than the brain. Let's use it. 

week 5. Pineal Gland

Some history and advice on using this internal compass.

Week 6.- 8  Tools and Techniques

Magnet therapy, E.F.T and more...

Week 9  Identifying Your Strengths 

What is your strongest gift and how to enhance it. 



Each Week you will be emailed written text with assignments. Then on Sunday beginning October 2nd at 8:30 EST we will go live for review and questions. (replay  available) 

*approx time 60 minutes 

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Angels of the Integrated Energy Field

Each class will unveil where we hold our negative emotions and what angel and Arch Angels can help us release our lower vibration and add a more positive uplifting sensation. 

We will learn the 9 Key emotions and Integration Points where our traumas gets trapped. 

1.  Guilt

2. Distrust

3. Lack of Support

4. Shame

5. Heartache

6. Resentment

7. Lack of Will

8. Anger                                                                                                      $49.00

9. Fear                                                                                                                

We will meditate and evoke each angel that reigns our Integrative Energy Fields so we may let go and LIVE in FULL VITALITY and JOY. 

Live Classes will begin Thursday September 29 at 8:00 pm EST  (replay available) 

**Journaling suggested. 

**approx time 30-45 minutes 

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