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Two Powerful Classes to Assist You on Your Journey

Understanding and Expanding Your Brillance

This 9 week on line class is packed with information, tools and secrets that would take years to learn in a conventional school.

Each week I will send you via email a written version of the course. The knowledge and tools will help you better understand the world of metaphysics. You will be practicing these techniques on yourself first, so you may release and unleash your unique brillance.

Then every Sunday evening I will be Live to go over information and be available for questions. It is not necessary for you to participate on Sundays but highly suggested. You can also listen to replays at your convenience. 

Having the insights to tap into your Higher Source will also give you the power to manifest your soul's desire. This incredible wisdom is great for anyone who wants to broaden their horizons or create a lucrative business.

*There will be homework. If you want REAL life change, you must be commited. 

Click here for outline and details to sign up. 

Angels of the Integrated Energy Field 

The Integrated Energy Field is guided, guarded and protected by the Angelic Realm. As humans we possess an energy field that extends far from our dense bodies.These fields are the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. In these fields we hold emotions, memories, trauma, karma and our soul's contract. 

During our weekly Skype meetings we will be focusing on the emotional field, discovering where we hold negative vibrations that hold us back, keeping our life force stagnate. 

Then we will unveil the angel that reigns over that area, We will evoke the angels to assist in our healing and our awakening. 

These meditations are powerful.

Hold on to your hat! 

Click here for more details and class sign up

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