I am breathing deeply, now because I am a little nervous. 

My intuition kicks in all the time, guiding and pushing me, but I have to admit, I ignore it sometimes.

Why, because I don't want to do what it tells me to do. 

There have been multiple incidences where I knew I was being called back into the world of autism. 

I would get excited at first because I understood the need for assistance and the possibilities of healing. However, I dislike the tern autism, for many reasons.

One is that labeling a person in any manner seems so wrong to me. I see people as  God's children, not their diagnosis. However, a diagnosis can assist in  understanding a person's behavior and can even guide us to a path of healing, if we know the symptoms.

Another reason is that autism is such a huge spectrum, but in my opinion, the cause is the same, no matter how severe the symptoms. 

The cause you ask? 

Oh well, that's reason number 3.

Too many people argue over the cause, and I will tell you from experience, that many of them are simply lying. 

See healing or preventing autism, would cause a great financial loss to many, but that's all for another day. 

I was part of a large autism organization for many years, and I can tell you the fighting in the communities was endless. Autism organizations were even fighting each other. 

I had ENOUGH. 

To me it was about healing, Let's forget the ego for a while huh? 

Reason #4 is that the whole autism experience from my perspective can be heart-wrenching.. Watching the numbers rise, the families torn apart, the financial burden, and most of all the suffering individuals.


The reality of it became overbearing at times.


But there is a bright side, too many to list for now! 


On a spiritual level, I fully understand that these souls came here to wake us up.  We are poisoning our children, and it is time to stop

Another reason I ignored my intuition  for years was because I was petrified I would disappoint. What if I couldn't help? 


 But that is absolutely ridiculous, I now see. 

Why? Because I AM NOT doing the healing. I just facilitate the process., and if I can do it with so many other clients, why not those on the spectrum? 

And if I can help in making my own son fly, why not others? 

So today, as I bow humbly to the Creator I have decided it is time to reach out to these children and parents, on a level perhaps not fully understood by many. It is a time and place in the quantum field where we are all perfect. 

Let me assist you or your child in finding answers that can give you hope and bring you peace. 

What is next for you? 



If you would like to discuss a consultation before you book a session,  or if you have any questions, about the process, shoot me an email

If you want to book a session, we can do that., right now!



I highly suggest at least 3-4 sessions, but miracles can occur in one and then we can build off of that.

Every individual is unique, so I can not give you an answer on how long it will take, but I can promise you shifts and deep insights. will occur.  


And here is the really cool part, your child does not have to be verbal. I communicate with his/her higher self. I get answers. 

It's up to you if you want to hear them.

The first session will be reading. All you need to do is send me a recent photo.. This helps me to see energy blockages and tap into the individual's higher self. 

He or she will give me the information, I need to know, and pass it on. 

Healing happens in layers, isn't it time we started peeling them back?