You were born with wings.
Why crawl through life? 

You were born perfect, loved and supported,  but no one ever told you. 

Meet Thea 

Founder and Creator of

Heartlinked Healing Therapy

Thea Williams spent the last 20 + years, learning and teaching everything and anything that relates to the healing arts.

When her 3-year-old son was diagnosed with autism, she was determined to find out why her perfectly, pure son fell into his own world, literally overnight. What happened and who took her son's spirit, mind and body? 


Thea's passionate drive for answers led her into a rabbit hole, like no other. Never did she imagine her whole life would completely change as swiftly as it did. 

Now an author of The Real Us (and we're not crazy) and a thought leader in the world of visionaries, her goal is to help others see that they are not broken. We are all born with innate gifts that we are not using. We are all geniuses and that includes our physiology as well as our brain. The body knows exactly what to do if we let it. Our minds can create and our spirits can soar!

The problem is no one ever told you that! 

Thea uses cutting-edge principles and success strategies to unleash the REAL YOU!   Read more about her strategies

All of our "issues" are just programs and frequencies embedded in our body and subconscious....Thea 

5-star reviews

"For those that are rediscovering

(or discovering) their spiritual path, this book helps connect the dots between the mysteries of the world, and the energetic power that humans hold"... Laura B.


(and we're not crazy) 

"A great read. Not only the stories, but the educational information was eye opening. The author is able to present information in a way that is easy to intake with a sprinkle of humor that is refreshing. I've already been recommending this book to friends, it's a must read. "The Real Us (and we're not crazy"! Priceless! "

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We are born pure and whole. In order to restore our body, mind and spirit we need to reconnect to Mother Earth and Father Sky. Below are just some of the products I HIGHLY recommend. Click here to
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Creating Conscious Communities.. Supporting ETHICAL small business owners and self-employed
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"What a beautiful experience. She meets you energistically and addresses what is necessary for healing at the time. After releasing negative emotions she can get to the real core issues. Her work is amazing. Imagine if Western Medicine were trained in practice this holistic art" 

Anne Diamond, Artist 

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Thea is truly one of the good guys With so much need for healing in our world, I’m truly grateful for her.

I’ve worked with Thea in releasing some of my own toxic sludge and have experienced amazing results " Rock On!

Greg Boudle

Recovery Life Coach, Author and Speaker 


Dotty (Thea) is a good friend of mine, but also an amazing healer. She worked on Ms. Clover fussypants hater of life yesterday and today, she is like a new baby, peaceful and content. Thank you! And that was after only one distance session. You are magic!

Sarah H. 

Reiki  Practiotner and  Doula 


tom tm_edited.jpg

"After a session with Thea I feel more relaxed, uplifted and positive. She helped me to realize what I was really yearning for and my business has soared. "  


    Tom Zaimes,

Mortgage Broker, Speaker


"Training with Thea has opened my heart to higher realities. She is a role model and I am gratefule for her" 

Dr. Candice McCoy

Teacher and  Founder of 

The Healing House 



"Without Thea, I would not have been ablle to find my light" 


 Kathi Cipriano

Retired Realtor, Living the Dream


I have been involved in Energy healing for a long time and never experienced anything like  This

Thea  was in depth and in tune"


Collenn Holthe 

I was a skeptic and told Thea so. She laughed and said, "that's ok, so was I" 

Her understanding of my views made me so comfortable. I was 

moved by the compassion Thea has and how she changed my outlook in life.